My Review of the Glock 31 and .357 SIG round [UPDATED]

My Gen 3 Glock 31

My Gen 3 Glock 31

* – Note: my primary weapon is now the SIG SAUER P320 & P320C  as of 04-24-15

**** UPDATED REVIEW @ the link below ****
TG-25 My Review of the Glock 31 and 357 sig [Revisited after 2500+ rounds]

The Glock 31 is Glock’s full size pistol that fires .357 SIG ammunition. Glock 17 [9mm], Glock 22 [40 S&W] and Glock 31 [.357 sig] all use the same frame. Basically if your looking for a full sized Glock it comes down to which ammunition you want to use.

The .357 SIG round – was developed in 1994 by Sig-Sauer and Federal Premium Ammunition, the new cartridge would be  named “357 SIG” to highlight its purpose: to duplicate the performance of a 125-grain .357 Magnum loads fired from a 4-inch barreled revolver , in a cartridge designed to be used in a semi-automatic pistol. The .357 SIG provides a self-defense cartridge close in performance to a 125 gr .357 Magnum, but from a semi-automatic pistol with greater ammunition capacity. The .357 SIG round has been tested and adopted by many Law Enforcement Agencies as their recommended duty round of choice for their officers to carry (including the US Secret Service and Texas Highway Patrol).

In my research prior to me buying my Semi-Auto Pistol, I read mixed reviews on the .357 SIG round. Most of the negatives reviews cited it was a very hot round that produced too much recoil or too much muzzle flip and also cited price and availability problems for the round. The Pro .357 SIG folks absolutely loved the .357 SIG, many of them saying it was now their round of choice after firing it.

My review, I absolutely loved the performance of my Glock 31. I was expecting a lot more recoil and muzzle flip from what I read. But, I found the recoil and muzzle flip no big deal at all. And let me tell you the .357 SIG round really packs a punch, very resemblant to my S&W Model 19 357 mag.. Those rounds really rocked those metal targets at the range. I was very impressed by the performance and  accuracy of the Glock 31 even by this operator, who hadn’t shot a gun in 25+ years and never had shot a semi-auto pistol before. Before, I never liked shooting a pistol with anything less than a 6 in. barrel because of accuracy issues in the past. I was expecting a huge learning curve. This really wasn’t true or the case with the Glock 31 and .357 SIG. Once I was able to adjust to the difference in the sight alignment and sight picture, I was able to make precision shots, first time out. Glock and the .357 SIG round made me a believer and if I find the full framed Glock a bit too big to Conceal Carry and the need to buy a compact or sub-compact pistol for my carry weapon. My first choice will be a Glock 32 [compact] or Glock 33 [sub-compact] both fire the .357 SIG.

For the other cons cited in some of the reviews:

Price of the Round: I found it generally the same as 40 S&W everywhere that carried both rounds, some places the 40 S&W was actually  slightly higher.

Availability of the Round: With current shortage on ALL ammunition, it is really hard to give a definitive answer now. I’m buying most of my ammunition on-line right now. I’ve found that most of my local gun stores and all the better known retail stores that carry guns and ammo [Academy, Bass Pro, Cabela’s, etc…] all carry .357 SIG ammo.

Some of these reviews may have been dated and the problem of price and availability may have been true when they were written and the ammunition was new on the market. But, the jury is out until this shortage on ammo is over. Personally, I haven’t found the .357 SIG ammo any harder to find than 40 S&W or 9mm, here in Texas.

**** UPDATED REVIEW @ the link below ****
TG-25 My Review of the Glock 31 and 357 sig [Revisited after 2500+ rounds]

Ballistics on most of the Popular .357 Sig  Manufacturers

Expansion – expanded bullet diameter (ballistic gelatin).
Penetration – penetration depth (ballistic gelatin).

PC – permanent cavity volume (ballistic gelatin, FBI method).

TSC – temporary stretch cavity volume (ballistic gelatin).

Ballistic Testing of .357 sig Round

Underwood Ammo 125 grain .357 sig

MrGunNGear using the Glock 22 with a Glock 31 barrel 

TNOutdoors9 using the Glock 32

PocketGunsandGear using the Glock 23 with a Glock 33 barrel

Speer Gold Dots 125 grain .357 sig

MrGunNGear using the Glock 22 with a Glock 31 barrel

TNOutdoors9 using the Glock 32


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